Open Letter to Mr. Richard Ratcliffen
Dear Richard,
On behalf of all members of The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat) across the globe, I would like to express our deepest empathy and support for what you, your wife, and your family have had to endure since Nazanin’s arrest in Iran.
In particular, your struggle and perseverance for the welfare of your dear wife and family thus far, followed by a hunger strike is indeed an honorable act for spreading a message for seeking freedom and justice.
As advocates of freedom and liberal democracy for our beloved people who in our opinion have been taken hostage for forty years and are each just as much a prisoner in their own homeland, we can relate to your pain and struggle for seeking to achieve freedom and justice for your beloved ones. Our aim is to achieve freedom for all political prisoners in Iran.
We sincerely wish you strength and hope that you and Nazanin, as well as every other political prisoner and all victims of injustice in Iran,  will not have to suffer for too much longer as we believe that with great effort, the light will finally prevail over darkness.
With our best wishes,
Haideh Tavackoli (Ms)
The Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)