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Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu

Honorable Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

On behalf of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat), and countless Iranians who are struggling against the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic, we would like to express our deep appreciation of your important message in support of the Iranian people. In your message you made the correct and crucial distinction between the peaceful and freedom loving people of Iran and the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

As you know, Iranian and Israeli ties go back thousands of years and throughout the ancient as well as the modern times our nations have been friends. Israel has always been supportive of a strong, united, free and peaceful Iran which can in cooperation with Israel act as a pillar of peace and stability in the region. We have no doubt that Israel a good friend and ally will always respect the sovereignty of our nation and support the territorial integrity of Iran just as strongly as she supports the freedom of the Iranian people. We are certain that the Israeli people will always stand by the Iranian people in their struggle to liberate themselves from the tyranny of the Islamic regime and that Israel under your leadership will continue to support a strong, united, free and peaceful Iran.

Once again Mr. Prime Minister, we would like to extend our thanks and deep gratitude to your message of friendship and support to the people of Iran. We sincerely hope that other world leaders, following your lead and encouragement will send similar messages to the people of Iran and support them in their struggle and distinguish them from the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic.

We, just as you and the people of Israel, look forward to the day that our nations can renew our ancient ties and bring friendship, peace, democracy, stability and progress back to the Middle East.


Khosrow Beithollahi

Secretary General of Constitutionalist Party of Iran (Liberal Democrat)

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